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DJ Services in Austin by Jeff Hudson of Spacecraft Entertainment

DJs for parties, weddings, corporate events and clubs. You provide the occasion. We provide the talent.

Professional, energetic DJs are on staff and ready to play music suited to your event. All sound and lighting gear needed for parties big and small is provided as necessary. Additional services include video, photo slideshows, and themed parties.

For more info about full video DJ shows that includes music videos, movie clips,...

Spacecraft Entertainment DJ service with custom lighting

The latest in DJ technology allows videos to be mixed at the same time as audio. Imagine dancing to your favorite songs while music videos, live audience camera shots, and clips from your favorite TV shows and movies are mixed on big screens. Add to this a great personality, killer light show, and a pumping sound system, and you have yourself a recipe for a great party.

Below are a couple of the themed shows available from Spacecraft...

Karaoke Riot, karaoke dj service in Austin TX

Not just a karaoke party. A Karaoke Riot!

Karaoke Riot shows feature a karaoke and DJ experience wrapped into one. As soon as a singer is done singing, a DJ song kicks in. The party never stops. Come to sing, come to dance, come to watch the shenanigans!

  • 25,000+ karaoke songs to choose from – includes all genres and...

Do you enjoy the excitement of a dynamic light show? We can make your wedding reception feel like a dance club! All these effects can be set on “auto/move with the music” or can be controlled by a light operator for a beautifully synchronized light show. Choose among a variety of lighting effects.


Below is a full list of rental equipment that we offer. You may also peruse section by section by clicking here. We are based in Austin, TX and will deliver equipment and services to surrounding areas up to 4 hours away. Below is a nearly complete list of gear immediately available. If you need a quote or don’t see what you are looking for,...

ut stadium.jpg

Spacecraft Entertainment would love to help you ramp up your sports event by providing high energy music and getting the crowd cheering during the game. We can provide music for tournaments, games, and even practice to get everyone pumped up and playing their best.

video projection

A video projector and screen can add an element of fun to your event. Show a slideshow of memorable photos, a special home video, or a professionally produced presentation. If you are fan of music videos, have your DJ spin the music videos with the music during dancing!

Spacecraft Entertainment provides a rear projector, 6X8 foot screen, laptop or DVD player, and all...


Here at Spacecraft, we can host your game night. We can custom tailor a game, come up with questions for trivia night, host, and add sound effects. Think along the lines of Family Feud and Jeopardy. We can produce as much or as little as you want!

custom mixes

Having your event out of town or even out of country? Just want an awesome mix where you can just hit play and the party starts? Have Spacecraft make you a seamless mix of music created and recorded by a professional DJ. Submit a list of songs, artists, or styles and receive a file with a mix for your party. We can even throw in some songs that flow well with your choices to round out the length.

We have three levels of mixing...

Custom gobo lighting for parties & weddings in Austin

Other services we offer such as engineering and entertainment.

  • Audio Recording: We can provide an audio recording from your event! This could entail a recording of music we perform and/or sound from microphones we provide. Includes digital delivery of audio and rough/basic audio editing, if needed.
  • Live Event Hashtagging: Create your own hashtag and any pictures or comments by your guests show up on your video...