We bring people together. That's our primary goal when working events! We make this happen by listening to your goals, understanding no two events are the same, and paying attention to details.

We never drink on the job, are excellent communicators, and value authenticity. Read more on our FAQ page.

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Jeff Hudson, CSEP is the owner and senior DJ at Spacecraft Entertainment and has a vast 20 years of experience in the entertainment and event industries. Jeff studied classical and jazz music in college, played trombone and bass in a number of groups including The Spazmatics and on cruise ships. In 2009 he fell in love with DJing and formed Spacecraft Entertainment in Austin, TX.

The styles of...


Office Assistant

Xoechitl has been a valued member of the Spacecraft Entertainment team since 2016. Her organizational skills and friendly demeanor make her a joy to work with! She is currently working on getting a Psychology degree to help people suffering from a mental illness/disorder. When it comes to music, her two favorite artists/bands are Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran. Although she never learned an instrument, she was in choir for 12 years and loved every...


Chief Treat Officer

Hezky is also known as Hezball, Hezkers, Hecky, and Nugs. He loves toys and chasing bugs. His favorite foods are fish, vegetables, and blueberries. He is training to be a service dog and loves a good chest scratching. If he doesn't know you, he'll stay away but once he does he'll be your best friend!

DJ Santa St Nick Spacecraft added glasses copy.jpg

The jolliest DJ in world! St. Nick himself has learned to mix and throw down some jams. No one knows holiday music better than DJ Santa. He will rock your holiday party.

DJ MF cropped.jpeg

The phatest, freshest DJ show since Jazzy Jeff. DJ Mighty Fly spins nothing but the dopest 90s pop, hip hop, dance, and rock music and videos.

Bobby Matt Von Winkle, better known by his stage name DJ Mighty Fly (DJ MF) is a 90s iconic DJ. Thanks to his older siblings, Von Winkle heard his first beats and jams while still in his mother's womb. His mother gave birth to him at a night club in Wilkes-Barre, PA during the breakdown of En...

Jambitious1 cropped.jpg

DJ Pauly D look out! Jambitious is moving up the ranks as one of the best 2000s DJ in world. He auditioned for Jersey Shore 11 times but never made the cut but his mixing of the best 2000 pop, rock, hip hop, and dance hits and music videos will keep you dancing all night.

DJ Tex cropped.jpg

Yee haw! DJ Tex can throw down the hoe down with his mix of classic, modern, and current country, Texas country, Red Dirt, line dances, and southern rock. He's also well versed in pop and hip hop for those cowboys and girls wanting to let loose toward the end of the night.

DJ Oliver copy.jpg

DJ Oliver has studied the best DJs in the world and practiced a ton. He's read all the books ever written on the craft. He can assemble a sound system blindfolded. At 16 he took 4th place in a regional DJ Hero competition. He has all the tools needed to bring your dance party to life!

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