Karaoke Riot shows feature a karaoke and DJ experience wrapped into one. As soon as a singer is done singing, a DJ song kicks in. The party never stops. Come to sing, come to dance, come to watch the shenanigans!

We can provide all the basics, including:

  • A fun, energetic host to run the show.
  • Video screen for singers to see lyrics.
  • Sounds system with mixer.
  • 2 microphones for singers.
  • Online listing of our karaoke selections.
  • Basic stage lighting.
  • 15,000+ song karaoke library – including all popular genres and new songs added regularly.
  • DJ library of party music used between singers, dance breaks, and walk-on and walk-off music.

Popular upgrades include:

  • More microphones for songs involving more than two singers.
  • Wireless instead of wired microphones.
  • A laptop or iPad for singers to browse our library.
  • Party lights.
  • Karaoke contests or games with prizes.

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Some additions that can take your karaoke event to the next level

RTX 2019 Rooster Teeth Productions Karaoke Jessy Gonzalez Photography

Large Video screens

Make it a real rock concert when the audience can sing along!

instruments group.jpg

Instruments to play with singers

From drums and guitars to tambourines to keyboards, let us know if you want to get the band together.

EC14 cassette tape stack 2.jpg

Recording karaoke performances

We can do audio or video recording to make sharing on social media super easy.

DJ Jeff North Door setup

Multiple karaoke rooms

We can set up in several spaces to everyone gets a chance to sing!