Karaoke Riot shows feature a karaoke and DJ experience wrapped into one. As soon as a singer is done singing, a DJ song kicks in. The party never stops. Come to sing, come to dance, come to watch the shenanigans!

We can provide all the basics, including:

  • A fun, energetic host to run the show.
  • Video screen for singers to see lyrics.
  • Sounds system with mixer.
  • 2 microphones for singers.
  • Online listing of our karaoke selections.
  • Basic stage lighting.
  • 15,000+ song karaoke library – including all popular genres and new songs added regularly.
  • DJ library of party music used between singers, dance breaks, and walk-on and walk-off music.

Popular upgrades include:

  • A large video screen for the audience to see the lyrics.
  • More microphones for songs involving more than two singers.
  • Wireless instead of wired microphones.
  • A laptop or ipad for singers to browse our library.
  • Party lights.
  • Karaoke contests or games with prizes.

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