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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Event

"Should I Hire a Professional DJ for My Event?"

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party around Austin, you will want to create a vibe that’s fun and engaging for everyone. You might be thinking a live, professional DJ sounds like a lot of fun, but you’re wondering if paying for professional services is the right way to go. Many people skimp out on this service and hire amateurs, friends or relatives to play Spotify playlists, thus missing out on the fun experience and professionalism a seasoned DJ brings to the event.

There is so much more to effective DJ services than just playing music. Here are five reasons you definitely want to get a professional DJ to work at your wedding or event:

1. Professionalism and experience

Professional DJs know how to run an event and read a crowd. They have clocked thousands of hours entertaining guests at weddings, corporate events, galas, conferences, and more. They know how to make sure everyone is having a memorable experience on the dance floor and are experts at playing the right music at just the right time. Also, professional DJs show up early, stay late, and always work sober. As our owner DJ Jeff likes to say, “We’re not in this industry to party. We're in it to help you party.”

2. Wider selection of songs and playlist customization

Professional DJs know how to play the music that is best suited for your event, while also being able to seamlessly include the requests of your guests. Since professional event DJs utilize a vast library of music they can keep the party going no matter the occasion. At Spacecraft Entertainment, we go the extra mile to prepare the playlists specifically for your event, while also allowing for flexibility and customization at the event. Our DJs don’t have egos about the music, but also know how to give feedback. We will be honest with you and speak up if your request is not what’s best for the moment.

3. Top of the line equipment

You don’t have to be an audio tech guru to know that nothing will bring an event down like poor audio quality. You’ll want to make your event as special as it can be, free of distractions, with a clean audio production. By hiring a professional event DJ you’ll get the right, high-quality equipment needed to make your event a success. With the services offered through Spacecraft Entertainment, we will evaluate your needs and recommend multiple sound systems or different size systems to accommodate all sizes of audiences and rooms at your event.

4. Additional Services

Professional DJs can also offer much more than DJ services or help connect you with other event vendors. Spacecraft Entertainment, for example, can also provide professional lighting, karaoke, games, video screens, and even emcee your event. Let us know if you need help with elements of your event even if they’re not DJ related. We know some of the best Austin event planners, coordinators, caterers, decor teams, and more!

5.Stress-Free Events

When you hire a professional DJ for your wedding or event, you are able to sit back and enjoy the festivities. An experienced DJ will have thoroughly planned for your event ahead of time, so you can rest assured they will show up to the event location early, ensure all equipment is set up and working properly, and be sure everything is clean and tidy by the time your guests arrive.

Pro DJs also work closely with your other vendors. They communicate with your planner, caterer, venue, musicians, photographer, and videographer behind the scenes leading up to and during your event. This allows you to relax, dance with your friends, and make memories of a lifetime.

Looking for out-of-this-world DJ services for your wedding, conference, or corporate event in the Austin area? Spacecraft Entertainment has everything you need and more for a great event. Get started booking by completing our event information form.

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