What makes you different?

Here are a few ways DJ Jeff stands out:

  • He's easy to work with. He communicates well, doesn't have a big ego about music, and is very cooperative.
  • He listens.
  • He goes above and beyond to help you have a successful event.
  • He's passionate about music, technology, events, and having fun!
  • He never drinks on the job. Ever.
  • He's not too cool for school. In fact, he loves school. Continuing education is important to him!
  • He's very detail oriented. He understands events are moments in time. He only gets one shot to get it right and knowing the details make that happen.
  • He's authentic.
  • He customizes his services, announcements, and music for every event.
  • He uses high quality equipment.
  • He has his bachelor's degree in music.
  • He's one of only two DJs in the world that are CSEPs (Certified Special Event Professionals).

Why "Spacecraft"?

Spacecraft Entertainment owner Jeff likes astronomy and sci-fi. He likes to evoke endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment. What better way than a spacecraft to take you there? We also have a craft (DJing, music, and technology) and space in which we hone it. Last but not least, the domain was available.

Do you only do space themed events?

While we love a good astrological event, we'd be out of business pretty fast if we were that niche. We love and work events of all shapes, sizes, and themes!

How much do you charge?

Our pricing depends on several factors. Audio, video, and lighting AV service ranges greatly and depends largely on equipment requested and time available for set up and breakdown. Events with DJ Jeff start at $1600 for 3 hours and no sound system and weddings start at $2900 for 4 hours and 1 sound system. For a quote specific to your event, contact us and include as much info as possible. We will get right back with a quote, ask for more details, or request a consultation.

Here are some of the factors that affect final cost:

  • Date of event
  • Length of event
  • Time of day
  • Time of year
  • Type of event
  • Location (venue and city)
  • Number of guests
  • Services requested
  • Labor availability

Your prices are higher than other DJs. Why?

Simply, DJ Jeff is one of the best DJs around. When you hire DJ Jeff you don't have to worry about a thing. Not only can he rock a party with a creative, fun custom mix, he strives for every client to have a luxury DJ experience. This means making sure every detail is right, having as little or as much communication leading up to your event as you want, and being easy to work with. Jeff is all about what is best for his clients and events.

There are many more reasons but the best way to find out is to chat with Jeff.

Who will be the DJ at my event?

Our owner and senior DJ Jeff works 90% of the events Spacecraft Entertainment is hired to perform. If Jeff won't be there, we'll be sure to let you know up front. We have many DJ colleagues but only send them to work with DJ Jeff for large events or where Jeff is clearly not a good fit. If at any point you want to be sure, just ask!

Can I meet DJ Jeff before we book?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it. What better way to get a sense of how DJ Jeff runs a show than talking with him? If this is important to you, let us know and we'll be sure you get to chat before you make a hiring decision.

When you DJ, do you also MC?

Yes. DJ Jeff is very well spoken and great at getting a crowds' attention. He's happy to make announcements and be your master of ceremonies as well as DJ!

What is your MC style?

DJ Jeff's default MC style is a laid back but professional. This means he'll make clear announcements as needed and won't try to put on a show, tell jokes, or hype up the crowd. However, Jeff has acting and improv experience. If a highly interactive DJ is something you want, let us know. Jeff can take on a character or turn it wayyyyy up when requested.

How much control may we have over the music?

As much as you'd like. Some clients choose every song Jeff plays throughout the event and others just pick a few favorites. A lot end up in the middle somewhere. DJ Jeff definitely wants to hear some of your favorite songs and artists but also likes space for taking requests and reading the crowd. Reading the crowd is what he does best!

We're not using your DJ service. Will you still provide lighting, AV, or karaoke for our event?

Definitely. We're happy to be a part of your event in whatever capacity you'd like!

Do you play cheesy music?

When left to his own devices DJ Jeff typically does not. However, he is happy to play it when requested by our clients and for the right crowds. Some people love a sprinkle or dousing of cheese! Jeff also understands everyone's definition of cheesy is different. If avoiding (or including) some cheese is important to you, let us know! Jeff customizes his playlists for every event.

What styles of music can Jeff play at our event?

You name it. DJ Jeff has experience playing a wide variety of music. His strength is popular dance music throughout the decades including pop, hip hop, country, RnB, oldies, disco, EDM, Latin, etc. The styles you want are the styles he will spin. If you request a style he is not familiar with he will ask for some specific song requests to play in that genre. If you want a lot of something Jeff is not familiar with, he may recommend finding a different DJ.

I am not sure what style or songs I want. Can you help us choose or “read the crowd”?

Reading the crowd is one of Jeff's specialties! His knowledge of music is vast and he wants what's best for your event. He's happy to help make style and song suggestions. This is one of the biggest assets of hiring a professional, detailed, and caring DJ. Let him know what you need help with and he'll take it from there!

Do you take requests?

Jeff is happy to take requests if you want him to. Typically, we only take requests if they fit within the styles of music you want for your event. But if you're open to everything, we'll bring the kitchen sink! If you want Jeff to do his thing, he's happy to just stick to the plan and take no requests.

Our venue, musician, or friend has equipment you can use! Are you ok with that?

That depends. If a profession AV or sound company is hired to provide equipment for your event Jeff is absolutely happy to work with them! We do not use outside equipment unless a professional technician is on site before and during the event to help with the equipment setup and troubleshoot if needed during the event.

If we use third party equipment without a pro tech on site we take the risk that something goes wrong and we are blamed for it even when it wasn't our fault. Also, it takes us extra time to find out what equipment is being provided and how to use it. We know how to operate our equipment and we know it works great. We also carry backups that fit our system quickly just in case something does go wrong.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry a $2,000,000 liability policy and can provide copies of our certificate upon request. If you or your venue need to be added as an additional insured, we can do that, too!

What is required to book DJ Jeff?

We need an accepted quote, completed and signed contract, and 50% deposit. If your event is less than 60 days away, we require full payment at the time of contract signing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card, cash, check, ACH transfer, PayPal, and Venmo. If you don't use our online portal to pay, we'll credit your invoice as soon as we receive payment.

Will you hold a date while I make a decision?

We will often put a soft hold on a date for serious inquiries. A soft hold means no one else can book your date without your first right of refusal upon 24 hour notice. In other words, if we put a soft hold on your date and someone else inquiries, we'll let you know and give you 24 hours to book before they do. If you tell us in writing you want to book but need a little more time to finalize details, we typically put a firm hold on your date. A firm hold lasts multiple days depending on circumstances.

What is your rescheduling policy in light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic?

Starting 1/1/21, anyone who books DJ Jeff gets 1 free event rescheduling if you meet certain conditions. These conditions include letting us know of the reschedule request at least 1 month prior to your original event date, Jeff must be available on the new date, and the new date must be within 1 year of the original date and chosen and booked prior to the original date. Please message us for our full policy.

Below is our general policy regarding pandemic related postponements for clients who booked with us prior to 10/20/20. However, being a small business means we are flexible and can consider your needs on a case by case basis. We are here for our clients and happy to answer any questions. Please message us and we'll get back with you soon!


Our contract states that changes of date are considered cancellations. In the event of a cancellation we may retain the deposit and collect any unpaid balances due. However, we have amended our policy for our clients unable to hold their event due to coronavirus related government mandates.

Payments previously made toward an event directly affected and forced to cancel by Covid-19 related government mandates may now be credited towards one new date without fees or penalty if the following terms are met and agreed upon:

​- Spacecraft Entertainment must have availability on the new date

- the new event date must be within 12 months of the original event date

- the new event date must be chosen at least 60 days prior to the original event date or within 30 days of the inquiry about changing or request to change dates, whichever comes first

​iv. A new quote must be accepted, a new contract must be signed, and a new invoice must be paid if applicable.

- a new quote must be accepted, a new contract must be signed, and a new invoice must be paid

​- payments made for the original date will appear as a credit or discount on the new quote and invoice

- services ordered for the new event date must of equal or greater value and rates will not be lowered for the new date

- some circumstances may result in a higher rate for the new date (examples include: a different venue is selected that requires additional travel, the event day of the week changes, going from non-holiday to holiday weeks, going from a lesser experienced DJ to a more experienced DJ, going from an off season to peak season date, our base rates have increased since the original booking, etc.)

- any and all balances are immediately due in full for the new date

​- no further reschedules or event date changes may be granted

If any of these terms are not met or agreed to, we reserve the right to treat the event as a cancellation, retain payments, and collect on balances due as outlined in our original agreement.


*Policy last updated 7/2/20

What is your cancellation policy?

We have likely turned down job opportunities for the date and services you reserved from us. As a result, if you cancel your event after signing with us we are entitled to retain your deposit and collect on unpaid balances due. Event date changes are also considered cancellations. That being said, if you foresee needing to cancel your event, please let us know as soon as possible. We are reasonable people.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes! DJ Jeff has performed all across the states and overseas. Within 50 miles of Austin, TX there is no additional charge for our services. Beyond that, there is often an additional charge depending on the dates and distance.

In the event of emergency or illness, do you have backup DJs and staffing?

Yes. DJ Jeff keeps in touch with several excellent DJs. In the event of an emergency we will do everything in our power to find a suitable replacement. If you're not satisfied with our emergency replacement solution at any point before your event, we'll refund your payments so you can make your own arrangements.