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Our South By Southwest 2019

With SXSW 2020 right around the corner we decided to recap our award winning 2019 SXSW work in Austin, TX. (Yes, we just returned from the 2020 Texas Star Awards Gala in Houston put on by the ILEA Houston Chapter where we won Best Entertainment Under $25,000 for our work described below!) We worked about 15 events but our largest of SXSW 2019 was 9 days in a row helping promote the new Visible cell phone brand.

We were hired by an advertising agency out of New York City to create a studio recording experience inside a custom made building that was on 3 sides transparent ("visible"). Spacecraft Entertainment provided all the instruments, backline, microphones, karaoke tracks, video screens, lighting, AV equipment, recording software, and staffing. Our crown jewel was the process to deliver recording on a fun cassette tape USB drive in less than a minute. We also built in redundancies in case of equipment failure, staffing issues, and recording glitches.

It was such a blast to be create something completely different and new. There was a line down the street almost every day!

See the video to see more about our work on this amazing interactive event.

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The Music Box Pop Up Karaoke Recording Studio - SXSW 2019