Rental Equipment

Need to rent sound, lighting, video, or DJ gear for your party? Need someone to setup, run, and/or engineer sound, lights, or video? Spacecraft Entertainment can help. We are based in Austin, TX and will deliver equipment and services to surrounding areas up to 4 hours away. Below is a nearly complete list of gear immediately available. If you need a quote or don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. We may be able to get a hold of it for you.

Full Equipment List





Band Equipment


  • Assorted speaker, microphone, video, patch cables and connectors
  • White folding table, 4′ X2′, adjustable to 3 heights
  • Duracell Powerpack 600 Watt battery (when no electricity is available)
  • Black table cloth/drape
  • Hand truck (2)
  • Lasko Max Performance utility fan (2) - (very powerful, great for keeping cool on stage)
  • Global Truss Trussing F34/heavy duty, goal post pieces: 1.5 meter(4.92′) straight segment (3), 1 meter (3.28′) straight segment (2), .5 (1.64′) corner junction 2-way, 90 degrees (2), 2′ X 2′ base plate, 60 lbs (5)
  • Generic black DJ trussing, 10′ wide, up to 8′ tall, I-beam, plastic