Which DJ software is right for me?

There are many options when it comes to DJ software and there’s not a right or wrong program to use. Our advice would be to try all the big names you can and see which one feels right to you. We use a mixture of Serato and Virtual DJ and I know several DJs who swear by Traktor (or bought a mixer that happens to only be able to use Traktor). Check out our list of some pros and cons for three of the top name brands in DJ software.



-All software upgrades are free for life

-Waveforms show bass, mid, and treble in different colors

-Built-in sample player (which can be used as 6 decks)

-Optional Video-SL plug-in and The Bridge


-Proprietary hardware required

-Limited MIDI controller support

-Higher entry level price ($540)

-Slower pace of development



-No dongles or proprietary hardware required

-Easy integration with more MIDI controllers

-Built-in software mixer

-MIDI clock syncs to external programs


-You need to pay for new versions

-Waveforms do not give frequency information

-Necessary to patch your sound card into club PA

-A powerful computer may be necessary

-Virtual DJ-


-Customizable controls

-Powerful mixing and sampling tools

-GUI has shows a lot of info

-Good library search options


-Uses a lot of system resources

-Web based features require an account

-Some users experience frequent crashing

-Not as intuitive as other programs