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Tips For Having A DJ On A Party Bus

This article is for those interested in throwing an epic party with a DJ on a luxury vehicle. These types of parties are one of a kind and draw crowds everywhere you go. The purpose of this short guide will be to give insider tips on how to rent the party bus, hire the DJ, and the pitfalls to avoid. These tips are provided by Denver Party Ride, a group that has been providing the party buses for events like these for years. They know how to avoid an epic bust of a party as well as how to make it a night people remember forever!

Space Space Space!

You are going to need a big bus. Forget about any type of stretch limousine no matter how big they are. Putting a DJ on a vehicle is tricky enough and they are going to need some room to operate. Your guests will also need room to sit, dance, and mingle. Try to get the biggest bus you can afford, don’t skimp on this detail. Be on the lookout for companies that have vehicles with capacities of 40, 50, or more. When evaluating buses, also be sure to ask if there is some area where a DJ can setup shop. Not all buses will be able to accommodate these types of events. Call a number of companies and pick out the perfect vehicle for what you are trying to accomplish.

Does the party bus have the right electrical connections for a DJ on the bus?

Ask this question in your first conversation with a party bus company. Before you begin calling companies though, be sure to ask the DJ his list of requirements for being on a party bus. How does he/she connect their electrical? What do they need to connect to bus speakers or do they provide their own? Have the answers to these questions handy when contacting a party bus company. We suggest talking to someone at the company that knows a little bit more about the mechanics of the bus such as a special requests manager. This is the person you should ask about accommodating DJs on their buses as well as if their vehicles have the right electrical hookups. If you don’t get this section right then you’re going to have a bunch of guests, a DJ, but no sound!

Research Your DJ

Be prepared to pay a little bit more for a DJ on your party bus. It’s not that common of a request so they might be shy about doing it in the first place. After all, they are doing something out of their ordinary job function. With that being said, be sure to book a really good DJ who knows the style of music you like and takes initiative to communicate with the bus company. Being on a party bus is an intimate event with a lot of people in close proximity to each other. A very social DJ is recommended, someone that will get the bus hopping with not only the music, but also their personality. Do research on the DJ's reviews and look for comments about their demeanor and style. Pick out someone that is going to rock your event!

View the Party Bus

This one is huge! Never book a DJ on your party bus without seeing it in person. Ask your DJ how much space they need for their speakers, mixer, and decks. You want to be absolutely positive this is going to work out well. While checking out the bus in person, take note of how many people you are able to fit on the bus with DJ equipment setup. Then you know how many guests to invite to your epic party.