Karaoke is A-OK

With our new and improved karaoke site going live this week, we thought it would be fun to dive in and talk about how karaoke can be a great addition to an event.

First off, as you may know there are a couple of different styles of karaoke. One being the traditional Korean style and the other being the more American style of karaoke bars. I’ve found that the Asian style is a little more suited to introverts like myself. Get a group of friends, grab a room, order some drinks, and jump on the mic. You’re having a great time with great people in a no judgement zone- or total judgement, but it’s hilarious. Performing karaoke in front of a crowded bar can be a little more daunting, however if you get the whole room rooting for you it can also be really thrilling. Just let the music flow through you and channel Steve Perry up on that stage.

Karaoke is also incredibly popular in the corporate world. Holiday parties are a big time to bring in the karaoke machine or DJ and really let loose. One of the best things is seeing your CEO sing their heart out to Bonnie Tyler. And you just got some new gossip for around the water cooler.

It’s gotten so popular that even taxi cabs around the world have started carrying sound systems and mics for a karaoke session during your trip. South Korea started in the 1990s and the trend seeped into England beginning with a private line of cabs you can rent. On top of karaoke cabs, there is also “movioke” where you can replace your favorite movie stars in popular movies and say their lines. Great practice if you’re looking to move to Hollywood.

Whatever your event may be, karaoke can certainly be a fun, unique addition that’s sure to get people in the party spirit.