Austin Psych Fest (May 8-10)

While Psych Fest (or Levitation) might not be the best Mother’s Day present, it’s certainly an event that’s full of culture and a wide variety of amazing bands that fit many eclectic tastes.

Here’s what news outlets were saying about Psych Fest last year:

"In the seventh year of the event, Austin Psych Fest has hit its stride. The music festival attracts fans and bands from all over the world. After rotating to a new venue each year since 2008, APF appears to have found a home in Carson Creek Ranch located minutes from Austin-Bergstrom Airport after returning to the location for a second consecutive year. Not only has the festival found a perfect home, the carefully curated roster of acts this year was stellar."


"Austin Psych Fest gets really cool after sunset. As the shimmering Texas heat fades into twilight, the mind-expanding music and light shows begin to make a certain, surreal kind of sense. In its return to Carson Creek Ranch, festival organizers have found a home that is an especially fitting location for a psychedelic music festival."


It’s a festival that’s difficult to put into words. Spirits of the 1960s and 1970s should check it out. Where ACL has lots of bands from many different genres, Psych Fest offers a specific genre with lots of little niches.

I think it would be best to just show a couple of videos from bands playing there this year. If you like what you hear, I suggest grabbing some tickets and heading out.

Flaming Lips

Primal Scream

Chelsea Wolfe