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DJ Miles

Miles is a DJ and music producer with over 20 years of performance and music experience. He started singing in choirs at a young age, joined the school marching band in 5th grade and fronted a pop-punk band throughout high school. He graduated college with a degree in audio engineering while on a choir scholarship and toured as a folk singer playing over 100 shows. During college he got more into hip-hop and r&b and started making instrumentals for artists in that genre. After many years of trying to find his place in the music industry he was given the opportunity to DJ a wedding and fell in love. "Sharing music with people has always been a passion of mine and the idea of doing it for a living is a dream come true," Miles says. His love for all styles of music makes DJing perfect for him. Miles has experience DJing at variety of events from weddings to nightclubs to boxing events to community parties.