DJ Jack

Jack has performed at over 100 events including weddings, clubs, corporate events, house parties, and school events. He grew up with a musician father (and a whole family of music lovers) and has been surrounded by music his whole life. He started buying albums and playing drums at the age of 10. After years of discovering new music and going through a ton of different music phases, he now has a broad knowledge and love for all kinds of genres and decades of music.

“When I got into DJing, I enjoyed the opportunity to share the music I love with people and make them happy. One thing I grew to appreciate is that every event is different and every night is a clean slate. It’s my job to observe the room, get to know the room, and find the music that makes the dance floor spark. I love to stay open minded and am always looking to make it a night to remember. The styles may change but some things stay constant: the groove never stops, the energy never fades, and the dance floor stays poppin!"

DJ Jack in action
DJ Jack.jpeg